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Innovative delivery solutions in a changing environment

Infrastructure investment is a fundamental driver of economic activity and a key aspect of government policy in delivering growth throughout the UK and its regions.

However, local authorities and other public bodies have generally seen a reduction in available capital funding and ongoing reform of PFI/PPP pipeline. Fortunately, investors have strong appetite for the robust project cashflows and returns (which are often inflation-protected) associated with quality infrastructure projects in the global low-yield environment.

Our infrastructure advisory team has years of experience and is able to provide innovative solutions across the full range of funding and project delivery routes – from traditional PPP (including its successors NPD/MIM) through to other forms of private partnerships/JVs and direct investment in economic infrastructure.

We are currently advising private and public sector clients throughout the UK and Ireland, primarily on major social infrastructure projects in health and education but also in emerging areas of investment interest, including digital infrastructure and fibre broadband.

For further information contact:

Graeme Tough


+44 (0)131 222 2607

Kieran McCallum

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