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Financial modelling:
At the centre of our advice

Financial modelling is integral to much of QMPF’s work across a range of services and sectors.

We can develop bespoke Microsoft Excel models for clients to assist them in a range of business planning, monitoring and forecasting tasks.

All QMPF staff have completed financial modelling training and use ‘FAST’ guidance in model development ensuring our financial models are:

  • Flexible
  • Appropriate
  • Structured
  • Transparent

We work alongside clients to understand their requirements, develop a model scope, consider model flexibility and understand their key output requirements.

Our models are dynamic, user friendly, and appropriately structured. They are designed to make complex projects, tasks and financial assessments easier to understand and interrogate.

For further information contact:

Graeme Aithie

+44 (0)131 222 2602

Graeme Tough


+44 (0)131 222 2607

Glasgow Health Bundle hub Project – Clydebank Variation

QMPF advised hub West Scotland Project Company 7 Limited (“DBFMco”) on incorporating a new healthcare facility