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Queen Margaret University

Energy & Renewables

Queen Margaret University

QMPF is delighted to have advised Queen Margaret University on the financial and commercial opportunities for both the installation of rooftop solar PV and storage in its student residence buildings and also the provision of demand side response (“DSR”) services from its wider energy infrastructure.

The University wished to assess the potential for the installation of rooftop solar PV and energy storage to provide low carbon electricity and offset grid imports in its nine student residence buildings. QMPF modelled the possible savings from such a scheme using technical information and half hourly meter data provided the University. We also advised on potential business models and contracting structures available to deliver such a project and the interaction that these might have with existing funding arrangements.

In addition, the University wished to determine the potential for generating additional value from its existing energy infrastructure via the provision of DSR services. QMPF conducted a soft market testing exercise with selected aggregators and advised the University on potential options, including contracting structure, market appetite and services (including demand management, ancillary services and capacity provision

For further information contact:

Andrew Wilkinson

+44 (0)131 222 2604


November 2019


Energy & Renewables


Rooftop solar PV, energy storage and demand side response




Financial adviser