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Northern Ireland Investment Fund

Energy & Renewables

Northern Ireland Investment Fund

QMPF has been successfully appointed to work alongside CBRE on the Northern Ireland Investment Fund (“NIIF”). The NIIF involves a £100m revolving and sustainable fund with the aim of providing debt finance for real estate, regeneration, low carbon and infrastructure projects and stimulating private sector infrastructure investment in Northern Ireland. The funding has been agreed by the Northern Ireland Executive as part of the 2016/17 budget. CBRE will be responsible for the fund management and real estate / regeneration pipeline identification. QMPF will be responsible for the low carbon pipeline development and project due diligence.

Permanent secretary Hugh Widdis said the fund will focus investment in the areas of regeneration, office and low carbon projects to deliver economic growth, he said “It will play a significant role in supporting private sector investment in key areas of local development over the next decade”.

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Clare Lacey

Senior Advisor


June 2018


Energy & Renewables


Northern Ireland Investment Fund




Low carbon pipeline development and project due diligence